Advertisement Analysis

My analysis is about the new iPad commercial, which boasts about how much the iPad can accomplish along with the new retina display. The entire video consists of only a hand and the iPad, as it takes you through examples of various apps being used. The ad was uploaded by Apple to YouTube, and the title reads, “Do It All,” a phrase also repeated at the conclusion.

The narration consists of a short phrase every time a new app is shown being used. It seems that Apple ordered these random phrases with the intent to most effectively capture the attention of their audience. It begins with the first three phrases: “Send a note”, “Stay informed”, and “Catch a show”. These emphasize communication, information, and entertainment; all of which are primarily what an iPad is used for. In addition, they all emphasize what you receive from the device. Next, the phrases “Make a point”, “Make a memory”, and “Make a masterpiece” are used, exemplifying iPad use professionally, socially, and individually. Unlike the first three, these notify the viewer how they can create with an iPad. Finally we hear the commands, “Read something”, “Watch something”, and “Learn something”. They seem to cover bases in terms of what hasn’t been stated prior, in addition to the theme of individual activities. Looking back, I see a clear framework:

  1. “What are the most important things the iPad provides for me?
  2. “What can I create using the iPad?”
  3. “How can I be sure it is worth the investment?”

Finally, Apple makes its point: “Do it all more beautifully, with the retina display, on iPad.” They clearly lay down examples to entice people from all backgrounds and interests. Then, with everyone’s attention in their grasp, Apple sneaks in how much better everything is, on the newly featured retina display. Throughout, a white iPad on a white background set the stage, each scene showcasing vibrant colors. It’s like they tried to make you contemplate how crisp the product looks beforehand, so when a new display is mentioned, you might feel excited for picking up on the detail. This is an effective advertisement, but is more impressive because there is hardly anything new about the iPad besides the retina display. Aside from faster technology and the ability to have a cellular plan, this model lacks past excitement from new apple products.



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