Evelyn Lozada

By: Kara Marshall

I chose to follow Evelyn Lozada on twitter. Evelyn Lozada is famous because of the show Basketball Wives on VH1. Basketball Wives is a show produced by Shaunie O’neil, Shaquille O’niel’s wife, and the show is about the life and drama between several women who all are in a relationship or were previously in a relationship with a professional NBA player. 

Evelyn has become very popular from the show. She is known as the very outspoken, loyal, and beautiful “Basketball Wife” to all the fans and viewers that watch the show. I would say the show helped her career take off. The fans fell in love with her personality and all her many catch phrases and sayings. Her catch phrases and saying became so popular at one point during the season that she made a shirt line with all the things Evelyn Lozada says. The shirts were a major success. That was the start for Evelyn’s media outbreak. 

After the show began, Evelyn created a twitter account to keep in touch with her fans as well as publicize her life and market products. For example, a restaurant/bar called Cafe Iguana tagged Evelyn Lozada in a tweet, “The beautiful @EvelynLozada will be at #KaraokeNightOut tonight! We’re anxious to see what she’ll be wearing. She’s always on point!” Evelyn retweeted the tweet to all of her followers. This helped the restaurant to gain more costumers hoping that more people would coming knowing that Evelyn Lozada would be present. The tweet also advertised what Evelyn would be wearing. Name brand companies ask Evelyn to wear their clothes because the name brands know many girls will try to imitate Evelyn’s look and want to buy the same clothes.

Evelyn has recently written a book. The book was open to stores last week and the copies have already sold out in several stores. Her tweets lately, have mainly been about her book. She tweeted when and where she will be doing book signings as well as autographs and pictures. I believe, in Evelyn’s case, that the media has really helped her career advance in a positive way. She has become so successful with Basketball Wives and her book that her fans have persuaded her to have her own reality show called Chad and Evelyn. Her tweets have also been broadcasting her new show, letting her fans now when the world premier is and such. You can follow Evelyn Lozada for yourself on twitter at @EvelynLozada.


Celebrity Analysis, USAIN BOLT, BY: Joseph Mahfood

Joseph Mahfood

Intro to Communications

Celebrity Archeology Assignment

Usain Bolt , World record after record

            He is the fastest man alive. He breaks world records like we use to break rules in high school. He is entering his third Olympics this summer and holds the 100m, the 200m and the 4 by 100m world records. I am a huge fan of the Jamaican sensation that has shocked the world, but I am very critical. Recently I have been paying closer attention to his tweets leading up to the trials for the Olympics, and they were exactly what I expected. He used his twitter account for three main reasons that included: keeping his critics quiet, keeping his fans reassured and of course representing his two main sponsors Gatorade and Puma. All photos he shared had him wearing Puma gear and a bottle of Gatorade next to him.

He keeps his critics quiet by showing the kinds of food he eats and his daily life style of staying away from drugs and a little off the party scene. He keeps his fans reassured by promising them he will stop driving fast after his two recent car crashed where he ruined his BMW M3. And he keeps his sponsors happy and popular by showing off their products. Usain uses his twitter similarly to many other celebrities and he is an athlete that feeds off of his fans energy and twitter allows him to keep them close. It allows fans to feel close to him and love him even more. However he doesn’t only use twitter for himself, but he also talks about his charity foundation and allows it to gain a lot of popularity. He also explains his preparations for the Olympics, which is what his sponsors and fans want to hear.

  Since Puma signed him their sales have hit a record second quarter of 2011 at 38 million dollars. He does such a great job of advertising the product. Always representing it well. Does this entire new media help, or hurt him? Truthfully it has done nothing but help him. In a sport where people are so critical of drugs, by using twitter and showing people his daily life they began to realize that he is just another guy. Usain bolt is currently top 15 most endorsed athletes in the world, coming from a small island of Jamaica that is unbelievable. Without this new media this would never be possible and would not have the impact that on the island without it. Even though there are dark sides of Usain, such as his numerous car crashes and his wild life of partying it only shows that he is a normal guy and he is a human too. This in fact makes his fans feel closer to him. This new media, believe it or not affects all of us, as well. It allows for us to learn more about the celebrities we look up to and become sort of a part of their lives in a way. We follow them, allowing us to feel like we know them, which in return make us even more excited for them to succeed.

Exposure, and Marketing Value of Usain with Royalty worth Billions:

Two of my favorite Usain Bolt Commercials:

Celebrity Archeology: Oprah Winfrey

By: Katie Sheahin

Oprah Winfrey is an African-American woman in her late 50’s who has made a great impact in in the media world through her multi-award-winning talk show.  She is known for being the richest African American of the 20th century and the greatest black philanthropist in American History.  Her followers and fans range from any age, race, and sex.  She is one of the figures of the 20th and 21st century that have impacted so many of our lives.

Oprah uses the ICT, Twitter in many different ways.  She posts majority of her tweets in response to people she is having conversations with but she also posts thank you’s and appreciations, where she currently is and who she is with, promoting products, asking questions directed at certain people, quotes, and random facts that she did not know.  For instance, in one of her tweets she says, “I had no idea what a Lamborghini costs.  I said 75 grand which we had to edit out.”  This is one of the many random facts she tweets about.  Another example of one of the ways she uses Twitter is her saying, “On Valerie Simpsons patio talking about life after Nick.”  This lets he fans know what she currently is up to.  I think Oprah is using Twitter in a positive and smart way.  She is promoting herself but also promoting others.  I think she is using Twitter to show that even though she is a celebrity, she is also a regular person by interacting with her friends and showing her personality.  I also think she is using Twitter to keep her followers/ fans in tuned to where she is and what she is doing.

I definitely think there can be a dark-side to having so much information available to the public.  For starters, if people do not like how celebrities present themselves, they already have a negative outlook on them.  For instance, there is an article called, ” 10 Good Reasons You Should Hate Oprah Winfrey“, that shows she is not liked by this person just because of how she presents herself.  Then taking a closer look into things, celebrities have to worry about all the little details when portraying themselves on medias like Twitter, Facebook, the Internet, etc.  The way one may word things can be interpreted differently, depending on the person, and this has caused some major problems for some celebrities.  The article “Spilling on Twitter can result in blowback for celebs“, talks in detail about some celebrities who have had problems with posting some things that have rubbed fans and people the wrong way.  For example,”Kelly Clarkson managed to draw the ire of some of her more than 944,000 followers last week when she offered an off-the-cuff endorsement for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul…”

I think Oprah has been more helped than hurt by the new media because she is smart about what she posts.  She does not seem to go on rants that could upset her followers/fans.  These new medias help her stay in-tuned with her fans and followers.  I think these new ICTs impact non-celebrities greatly within our daily lives.  These new medias allow for people to waste hours upon hours of their day tweeting, facebooking, or searching the web.  They do allow information to come to us at the snap of a finger but also can consume much of our time without even realizing it.  Oprah posts a good amount.  After looking at her posts from the past week, she posted every day, and many of those days numerous times.  For instance, on June 24th she tweeted more than 50 times throughout the day!

Video about Twitter:






Celebrity Archeology: Taylor Swift

Jordan Bateson

CM 203.01

Celebrity Archeology: Taylor Swift

Due: June 28, 2012

Taylor Swift is a young lady whom for many is easy to relate to. She draws the attention and love of young children all the way up to adults. The songs she writes are about topics that young girls especially can place themselves into and put themselves into Taylor’s shoes. She writes about family, relationships, friendships, school, and many other relatable topics. Her songs for the most part are simple, as well as fun to sing along to.

Taylor’s tweets and Twitter pictures are full of family occasions, they give fans a look inside her personal life, both from the public and performing side and from the side that fans don’t generally get to see. Taylor has images of herself with her cats, a Starbucks latte with “have a great day! Taylor” written on the cup, old family photos as well as an Easter photo with herself and her mother. She also has photos of her invitation to the Academy Awards for Country Music, a few fans wearing t-shirts with her face on them, a photo of herself with her Grammy awards, a few of herself on stage, Christmas photos, herself in the recording studio, as well as a photo of her father.

Her tweets do much of the same things as her photos; along with allowing her followers inside of her life, she also supports other artists and musical talents via her Twitter. One of her tweets from April 30th reads, “Just bought @bobatl’s new album, including “Both of Us”, the song we did. Do it!!!!!!!! (too many exclamation points? Sorry I’m not sorry)” through this tweet she is helping to promote another artist’s album as well as promoting her own role in the song she performed on.

Along with her many fans, Taylor also has many people who aren’t as adoring or supportive. There are articles online such as “Why You Should Hate on Taylor Swift” written by Bill Gray and Vh1’s “5 Reason’s to Hate Taylor Swift” by Kate Spencer, who’s purposes are to spread negative feelings about the artist. Many of these articles are hating on the fact that Taylor is famous. Bill Gray printed a line stating, “So, the young woman apparently cannot sing, but we are suppose to forgive that because…” additionally he states, “As for the Kanye defense, I think we can all agree it was the best thing to ever happen to Swift’s career. She’ll probably write a fluffy song about it. Next time, let’s hope Kanye disrupts and saves us from a pitchy performance and not an acceptance speech for yet another undeserved award”. However, the hatred that surrounds Taylor Swift is nothing that other artists don’t face as well, and in order to be in the spotlight and the center of the media, she will have to get accustomed to it and learn to put up with it.

Here is a link to the mentioned “Kanye incodent”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsnv6uYD7LA

Celebrity Archeology: Kim Kardashian

By Kaey Somorin

Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities that people are constantly wondering why she is even famous. She is now on her seventh season of their family television show Keeping up with the Kardashian’s. This show changed her life around from being a store clerk to being the next big sex icon in Hollywood.  Kim’s tweets vary from insights into her personal life all the way to advertising and endorsing products. On June 27th Kim’s twitter feed was filled with pictures of her sister Khloe Kardashian in celebration of her birthday. In contrast, some of her tweets advertise for big companies such as Apple applications, Coca Cola and Chili’s. Her ability to make it seem like her tweets are all personal is what makes her a marketing genius. For example, on June 24th she tweets about how when she can’t make it to church she goes on a website to watch Pastor Brad’s weekly message. At first glance this seems like it could be her normal Sunday ritual but in actuality she is advertising by putting a link for the website lifechangecommunity.org. She comes across on twitter as being very down to Earth and that’s why her followers fall for her advertising.

It seems that Kim Kardashian has just as many haters as she does fans. On the website Lobshots there is a blogger who goes by the name of “bp” whose posts constantly shows Kim in a negative light. Some of the titles of these posts are “Breaking: Kim Kardashian Duped America With Publicity Stunt Marriage” and “LobShots is Famous… For Threatening to KILL Kim Kardashian”. One thing is for sure that there is a price for fame. Having so much information about someone in the media is bad because it causes everyone to have an opinion on everything that happens in her life. For example, if she is seen with a certain person rumors are started and opinions are made immediately.

In this case, I think that Kim Kardashian has profited from there being new forms of media. She uses these new forms such as Twitter to reach a broader audience and get more attention. This is why she is so lucrative to big companies because millions of people follow her on Twitter to see what she is up to. Avid followers want to be just like her and therefore will be sucked into every product she endorses on her Twitter page, Facebook page and even her Instagram. With each new media Kim finds a new way to interact with her fans and keep her fame status consistent. The new ICTs impact non-celebrities because it makes us believe that we have to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. In the case of Kim Kardashian her TV show name suggests this: Keeping up with the Kardashian’s, which is nearly impossible for the average Joe. Also the new ICTs make us feel like we have a personal connection to these celebrities. By doing this it encourages us to purchase expensive tickets for concerts and sporting events to see our “friends” in person. New media like twitter urges us to constantly tweet to these celebrities for the chance that they either retweet us or maybe even follow us back. As new ICTs are formed celebrities become more important in our lives.